Advent The New Advent

The New Advent Loudspeaker

© David Reaton After selling half a million of the original Advent Loudspeaker, Advent brought out an updated model. This unit was a revamp of the original Advent, which had been produced for 8 years. The woofer was redesigned to be more efficient. They put the 10" woofer into a special frame, instead of using a 12" frame. The tweeter was improved, as was the high frequency response. This unit was available in both Walnut and vinyl veneer. Rather than describe it in detail here, I'll refer you to a reproduction of the original product brochure (below). The New Advent Loudspeaker sounded great in 1973, and mine still do today.

These speakers are still around and kicking, although the foam surrounds will need replacing. I'm not including pictures of this process, because a number of folks have already done a very good job of explaining this. The foam surrounds can be purchased at Winston Organ and Speaker service, and other speaker repair sites.