Tag McLaren 100x5R

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Five channel amplifier 100x5R

Setting a new standard for multi-channel amplification

Five Channel Home Cinema Amplification With Performance Audiophiles Dream Of.

The 100x5R is a remote controlled, multi-room capable, powerful, high-performance five-channel power amplifier with an output of outstanding clarity and purity. It has been designed from the outset as the perfect amplification partner to our audio-visual processor AV32R and our dvd player DVD32R, delivering the drama and excitement of home cinema without compromising its truly audiophile sound quality. It is both suitable for the most demanding home cinema and two channel stereo set-ups.

All the benefits of monoblocs without their drawbacks. The 100x5R consists of five identical modules (the amplifier is also available with two, three or four channels) contained in a single compact enclosure. Each channel is a complete, self-contained power amplifier module - a true monobloc. Audiophiles have long known that for the ultimate in reproduction it is necessary to have so-called "monobloc" power amplifiers - independent amplifiers for each channel in a system. The independence of monobloc amplifiers is their great strength, none of the channels is affected by what is happening on any of the others, allowing movies and music alike to be reproduced with their true impact. In conventional stereo or multi-channel amplifiers the channels share a single transformer and often a single power supply. Much can be achieved with such amplifiers, but sadly they simply cannot match their monobloc brethren. The space and cost penalties of having five separate monobloc amplifiers in five separate boxes are, for many enthusiasts, outweighed by the improvements in the listening experience. Now, the quality the enthusiasts crave can be obtained without the penalties, thanks to the 100x5R.

TAG McLaren Audio's new 100x5R amplifier provides five true monobloc amplifier modules in a single chassis, each with performance that beats even TAG McLaren Audio's own superb 125M monoblocs. Each power amplifier module contains its own mains transformer, bridge rectifier and energy storage capacitors, so it can drive each loudspeaker totally independently of any of the other four modules. This means that if a movie soundtrack places heavy power demands on your main front speakers, the other speakers in your full surround set-up will not suffer. The result is uncompromised sound quality, stylishly packaged.

The 100x5R with the award-winning AV32R and forthcoming DVD32R 

Intensive Development produced a new reference standard. It took more than a year of constant effort by a dedicated design team to develop the 100x5R into the class-leading product it is. Along the way every aspect of the amplifier, from the chassis to the speaker terminals, was designed, evaluated and redesigned until the best possible performance was achieved. It is the best TAG McLaren Audio amplifier yet.

Powerful microcontroller and remote control. The 100x5R, unusually for a power amplifier, contains a powerful microcontroller. It allows the 100x5R to be controlled either via its infra-red remote handset or via the TAGtronic communications bus. The microcontroller monitors the 5 amplifier modules, automatically shutting down individual modules if a fault condition (such as a short circuit on the output) occurs. The microcontroller manages the power-up sequence of the modules, preventing excessive inrush current by turning on each channel in sequence. It also allows individual channels to be turned on and off via the remote control, to provide optimum conditions and true audiophile performance when listening to 2 channel stereo.

Premium components. The 100x5R uses high-precision, ultra-stable, metal film Vishay resistors and low dielectric loss Wima Polypropylene capacitors for improved transparency and excellent noise suppression. It employs our unique 'Straight Line Technology' to prevent intermodulation distortion through a direct-coupled signal path for ultimate fidelity. The amplifier modules use purpose-designed, round-core transformers specially wound to achieve high output and excellent regulation combined with extremely low flux leakage for very low noise. Premium audio grade reservoir capacitors are employed in the module power supplies to ensure tight, controlled bass performance.

Oxygen Free Copper. At the input of each amplifier module a high quality, gold-plated, PTFE insulated RCA phono connector is linked through oxygen-free high purity copper (OFHC) wire to the amplifier module input connections. The module output chokes are wound from solid core OFHC wire. The 100x5R features TAG McLaren Audio's proprietary oxygen-free pure copper loudspeaker terminals for best sound quality. The surface of the terminals is flash gold-plated to protect against corrosion without compromising transparency. The same ultra high quality, OFHC, PTFE insulated wiring used in our loudspeaker cables is used within the amplifier to make the connections between the amplifier module outputs and the speaker terminals.

Aluminium Chassis. Our extensive auditioning during the amplifier development revealed that ferrous materials (e.g. the mild steel chassis parts almost universally used in amplifiers) have a damaging effect on sound quality. The chassis, cover, fascia and heatsinks of the 100x5R are all aluminium - the improved transparency more than justifies the higher cost.

Specifications rated output power 100 W into rated load impedance (8 Ohms) typical output power 120 W per channel into 8 Ohms, 160 W into 4 Ohms and 190 W into 2 Ohms for short periods input for full rated power 1.0 V rms input impedance 47 kOhm nominal gain 29.0 dB at 1 kHz signal to noise greater than 90 dB (relative to 0 dbW) frequency response ± 0.05 dB from (-3 dB) 20Hz to 20kHz; -3dB @ 0.2 Hz and 87 kHz total harmonic distortion + noise less than 0.002% @ 1 kHz 100 W into 8 Ohms, less than 0.05% from 20 Hz to 20 kHz @ 100 W into 8 Ohms polarity non-inverting between any input and output operating temperature range 10 - 35°C ac supply frequency 50 - 60 Hz ac supply voltage 100 V, 110 - 120 V or 220 - 240 V power consumption less than 1380 W dimensions (including feet, terminals and controls) 445 mm wide, 139 mm high, 352 mm deep