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monobloc 250MR

A monobloc, also known as single channel amplifier, is the ultimate power amplifier configuration, eliminating channel crosstalk and allowing optimum loudspeaker control through very short loudspeaker cables!

The 250MR is a refinement of the highly regarded three channel amplifier 250x3R, providing a single 250W amplifier module and its associated control electronics in an attractive new casing.

Each monobloc 250MR can be placed close to the loudspeaker it 'feeds', resulting in extremely short loudspeaker cables, which in turn minimises their influence. The result is improved control of the loudspeaker.

Each 250MR can individually connected to the mains supply, reducing the influence of the mains cable whilst reducing channel crosstalk.

Adjacent amplifier modules, located in the same enclosure, will interact with neighbouring modules through magnetic coupling, which can be minimised but never completely eliminated. This interaction is extremely small in the 250x3R, but zero in the 250MR!

The fully remote-controlled 250MR offers 250W continuously into 8Ohm and up to 1000W IHF tone burst performance (20ms).

The 250MR provides a single ended RCA and a balanced XLR input connection.

It also features the TAGtronic Bus for software upgrade and system integration with other units.

Even if you don’t fancy locating your power amplifier close to your loudspeakers, the shape of the 250MR and its improved performance allows you to further optimise your home cinema:

How about two monobloc 250MR for the left and right front loudspeakers for near perfect stereo music reproduction and an additional 250x3R for the dialogue and the surround loudspeakers?

Of course this is not the only option. Seven 250MR monoblocs will make your 7.1 home cinema the real “killer”. This is certainly the configuration to dream about!!

At 215mm wide, the case of the 250MR is 15mm less than half the width of the 250x3R (or 100x5R), allowing two 250MRs to beautifully sit “above” the 250x3R, as shown in the picture, right.

The height and depth of the 100x5R, 250x3R and 250MR amplifiers are identical.