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MA-800 Gold
MA-800 Gold
Manufacturer: Monitor Audio UK
Manufacturer: [[Monitor Audio]] UK
Type: Speaker - Audio
Type: Speaker - Audio
Year: 1993-1995  
Year: 1993-1995  

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MA-800 Gold Manufacturer: Monitor Audio UK Type: Speaker - Audio Year: 1993-1995

Woofer Configuration (1) 6.5" Tweeter (Horn) Configuration (1) 1" Tweeter Type Dome, Gold

Rare Monitor Audio MA-800 Gold. Original list price $1,999.00.

Andrew Marshall wrote: “But what is new is the exceptional frequency linearity of this speaker. Even the quasi-anechoic measurement at top is very smooth, and notably free of the spikiness seen from many metal dome tweeters.” ”What the 800 Gold does within its frequency range is very impressive, a refined sound with great detail and truly exceptional imaging and depth.” “Transient performance was also very good, with percussion both quick and delicate, the shimmer of cymbals nicely defined, and string overtones very clean and sweet.”