Tag McLaren AV192R

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The AV192R is the ultimate AV processor, offering the widest range of options ever made available.

It is your choice if you want the very best of audio and visual capabilities combined with a huge potential for future expansion

The AV192R is configured to your precise needs as it is built exactly to your specifications

Options not selected at the initial purchase can be added at a later stage - with most additional options fittable by your retailer

The AV-192R is a modular product, each one being built individually to customer specification. The basic model includes the following features and functions then by selecting from the menu of options available, you can design your own product.

Standard features:-

front panel connections1, e.g. for a video camera (S-video, composite, analog stereo)

front panel1 mounted headphones socket, Dolby Headphone processing available as an option

RS232 input for re-programming from the front; programming connection cable included1

Real Time Clock + Event Manager

automatic standby control - user configurable

five action switches, two configurable as event trigger

six S-video inputs (+ one at the front)

two S-video outputs, one with on-screen display (OSD), completely removed from signal path if not engaged

seven Composite video inputs (+ one at the front)

two composite video outputs, one with on-screen display (OSD), completely removed from signal path if not engaged

six coaxial RCA digital audio inputs

one coaxial digital audio input with true 75 Ohm BNC connection

two optical digital audio inputs

two coaxial digital audio outputs for digital recording

optical digital audio output for digital recording

microphone connection

rear panel mounted remote control connectors (in/out)

second audio zone 2: front left/right with separate volume control

lip sync delay up to 250ms, for the most demanding video processing

auto-selection of sources, connected via the TAGtronic Bus

multi-channel amplifier support via TAGtronic Bus

alternative listening position

independent volume calibration of each 5.1 Bypass input channel

TAGtronic Synchronisation Link for minimal timing error of digital audio signals, resulting in better sound quality

‘straight line technology’ allows processing of even the very deepest frequencies

mechanical relays instead of semiconductor based muting circuitry eliminates parasitic loading, resulting in improved sound quality

Two stage muting for added convenience, fully user configurable

toroidal transformer for improved power supply stability and minimal hum and mechanical noise

enhanced power supply topology for improved sound clarity and balance

independent linear power supplies

multi-layer printed circuit board construction for improved signal to noise

mixed construction assembly: surface mount for fast electronics, leaded for sensitive analog circuitry

high contrast, long life time Vacuum Fluorescent display

precision machined volume knob from solid aluminium for tactile feedback

first time set-up wizard for ease of installation

learning, back lit remote control with eight memory banks

interfaces to all hardware options for convenient upgrade in the field

The AV192R Starter-Kit can in some countries be ordered without the front panel flap and its associated electronics - it is highly recommended to add the front flap because of convenient reprogramming facility and ability to add the RS232/IR TX controller.